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Finding a cheap leather sofa can prove to be difficult. Sure, there are lots to choose from but they all seem to have problems. Bad leather, marks in the hide, bad dye stains… and that's before you even sit on them! Some sofas just have bad frames or are dreadfully constructed. This doesn’t have to be the case though and we have some great sofas at realistic, down to earth prices that other manufacturers just can't touch.

How can we do this? Well, we supply DIRECT from the manufacturer and we don't use costly showrooms or glamorous brochures. Just a simple, honest business ethos that has stood us in good stead as one of the UK's best low-margin leather sofa companies.

So good that we now have a great range of recliners, sofa beds, fabric sofas and footstools complementing our discount leather sofas.

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We have put together some helpful guides for finding the ideal sofa or armchair. Sometimes it pays to do your research before you buy, and the wide range of quality available on modern sofas means that you can easily get caught out if you don't.

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