2 Piece Suites

Possibly the most popular modern day sofa combination is the 2 piece suite. Consisting of either a 3+2, 3+3 or 2+2 seater sofa set. This combination in most cases is perfect for the average family home. Your sofas will usually form the centrepiece of your living area and are available in hundreds of different finishes, colours and styles. There are a few considerations to bear in mind before buying your new 2 piece suite.

How many seats for your sofa?

You should have a good idea of how many seats are required based on who is likely to be using the 2 piece suite; family members, friends and pets included! Obviously not every combination is suitable for every property. The available space should be measured and allowances made for easy movement around the sofas as well as considerations for door openings, radiators and other furniture. Taking the time to measure correctly at this stage can save the hassle of returning the sofa or having to live with a 2 piece suite that is too big and looks awkward in the room. Remember sofas can look a lot smaller in a big space such as a massive high street showroom.

Type of sofa

There are a few main types of sofa to consider when choosing your new 2 piece suite. The main types being, reclining leather sofas, corner leather sofas and fixed (standard) leather sofas. You may also wish to include a sofa bed as part of your 2 piece suite. Again you will have to ask yourself a similar set of questions to the above, who will be using, available space etc.

Leather or Fabric sofas?

Leather sofas and fabric sofas  are your two main options in terms of upholstery although each has many variations. Types of leather sofa may include aniline, corrected grain and bonded whilst a few types of fabric sofa finishes include microfiber, chenille and cotton. If shopping online it is always wise to obtain swatch samples of the leather or fabric so that you can get a good idea of the quality as well as the exact colour in case you need to match your new 2 piece suite with existing furniture or interiors. Sofas upholstered in leather and also microfiber fabric sofas are easier to clean and care for so are generally more suited to heavier use as is the same with darker coloured suites, these will not show as many stains and marks as a lighter cream or white coloured so would be a good choice if you have younger children or pets.

Internet or High Street

With the popularity of internet shopping increasing year on year there are some great bargains to be had. Internet retailers can offer much keener 2 piece suite prices than high street retailers as they do not have the massive overheads usually associated with running a chain of large stores. When buying online you do have the disadvantage of not being able to physically see or try out the sofas, so this can result in a trade off situation between seeing the sofas and paying over the odds or getting a better price and possibly purchasing an unsuitable 2 piece suite.