Buying a Modern Leather Sofa

A modern leather sofa may be the perfect item of furniture to bring your interior bang up to date with the latest trends. In most cases a sofa will form the centrepiece of your living space and thus heavily influence the rest of your décor. If you are starting from scratch a leather sofa can be a good starting point when planning the rest of your room and help your choices when it comes to soft furnishings and other items of furniture. So what is in fashion at the moment and what constitutes a modern leather sofa?

Clean simple lines

One of the most popular characteristics of a modern leather sofa is clean simple lines. More recent designs seem to have moved away from plush heavily cushioned sofas to those of a more simple design. Square arms and angular features provide that modern look that many people nowadays strive towards.

Chrome feet

Chrome feet or legs are another feature that can be found on many modern sofa designs, providing a sleek and stylish polished finished, you can even swap your existing wooden feet with a set of chrome or metal legs to instantly add a modern twist to your existing leather suite.

Vibrant sofa colours

Bright daring colours is another look that is bang up to date with current trends, with many different colours to choose from other than the traditional black brown and cream leather. Looking at interior design magazines is a great way to get ideas about creating the perfect modern look

Corner Sofas

Corner sofas are extremely popular at the moment offering a functional and stylish design solution for the modern home. Leather corner sofas are a great alternative to a traditional two or three piece suite and are also available in a modular sofa format whereby different sections can be added or removed to create a sofa that fits perfectly into the room of your choice.

Other features

Sofa deigns and features have really moved forward in recent years with some really clever thought out designs and stylish variations on offer. Some modern day sofas feature integrated drinks tables, built in lighting and even music docking stations and sound systems, meaning that technology seems to be playing a huge part in the development of the modern leather sofa.

With these various components and trends you to can achieve the modern look, if you are struggling for inspiration it is often wise to turn to interior magazines to see which designs are popular and which accessories and other furnishings can be used to create the perfect interior to sit alongside your modern leather sofa.