Cheap leather sofas

Before the introduction of the Internet, a good cheap leather sofa was hard to find meaning a new leather suite in most cases was a major investment or cheaper fabric or faux leather sofas were the only affordable option for a lot of people. With the boom in internet shopping along with imports of high quality suites from places such as China and Eastern Europe cheap leather sofas are now widely available to the consumer with no compromise on quality.

Buy sofas online for discounted prices

Along with the ability to purchase cheap leather sofas online the sofa consumer now has a much broader choice in terms of styles, colours and finishes meaning there has never been a better time to buy a cheap leather suite that will fit in perfectly with your interior.

Online retailers can offer their sofas at much more competitive prices compared to high street sellers. Selling products solely online means that the huge overheads usually associated with running a chain of high street stores such as rent and rates can be avoided and these savings can then be passed onto the consumer. Shop around and don’t be afraid of asking for a discount, with the market for leather furniture being so competitive, sellers will often price match other stores or offer a straight discount if you are prepared to ask.

Modern leather sofa manufacturing

A recent development in the manufacture of leather suites is a type of upholstery known as leather / leather match. This consists of the wearing parts of the sofa (seat cushions, back cushions and arms) being upholstered in a genuine leather whilst the side and back panels (non-wearing surfaces) are covered in a leather match (imitation leather) this material, as the name suggests is in most cases an identical match in terms of colour and texture to the real leather used elsewhere. Due to the high material cost of a genuine leather hide, this cost saving exercise means manufacturing cost is substantially reduced again leading to cheap leather sofas being available to the consumer.

Cheap leather sofas in fashion

With the current wide availability of cheap leather sofas customers can have the option of changing their leather suite with more frequency to match the current market trends or to give their living space an instant face lift. At the time when a mid range leather settee suite would cost £1000+ consumers would tend to keep their suite for a lot longer due to the big financial outlay, nowadays with the huge choice available and the cheaper price customer may not be stuck with a suite that is outdated if the cost of a new cheap leather sofa is reasonable and affordable.







Buying cheap leather sofas

The cost of cheap leather sofas in recent years has fell and it is now possible to buy cheap leather sofas from a variety of outlets whilst not compromising on quality and style. The importation of cheap leather sofas from the Far East and more recently Eastern Europe has made buying leather sofas more affordable and brought a wider range of choice to the market, this factor along with new methods of construction and cheaper types of leather means great savings can be had. Below are a few factors to consider when buying a cheap leather sofa.

Internet versus High Street

Internet retailers are often able to offer better deals on cheap leather sofas as opposed to high street stores. Running a large high street store can result in huge overheads which the retailer will have to account for, usually in the price of the sofa! Internet firms with smaller overheads are able to pass these savings onto the customer however it may not be possible to view or try the sofas out before buying so it really is a trade-off between price and viewing the sofas beforehand.

Full leather versus leather / leather match

Many cheap leather sofas are made using a method of upholstery known as leather / leather match. A leather hide is used for the wearing surfaces, this usually comprises of the seat cushions back cushions and arms and a leather match or imitation leather is used to the non-wearing surfaces. This results in a high quality suite with the look of a full leather sofa but at a reduced price due to the saving in materials. As its name suggests leather match can look identical to the leather used elsewhere in terms of colour and grain but is usually PU based.

Build quality

If you are looking at buying cheap leather sofas but are concerned about build quality, there are a few features you should look for as a minimum in terms of specification.

Frame – Ideally this should be a hardwood frame that is both glued and screwed for extra strength and durability

Suspension – For the best in both comfort and durability pocket sprung seats are top of the list. Pocket sprung seats have vertical springs in individual pockets across the whole seat, this type of seating ensures the seat will spring back to its original shape. Second to pocket springs are serpentine springs these are zigzag shaped springs that run across the seat. A sprung seat should then be topped with high density foam. Low end sofas will often not have any suspension and feature a foam filled seat, these will not last as long as sprung cheap leather sofas.

With this information in mind it is possible to source good quality cheap leather sofas at a great price that will last you for years to come.