Where is the Best Place to Buy a Leather Sofa?

Thinking of buying a new leather sofa or armchairs? There are hundreds of different furniture stores to choose from, all offering different products at different prices ranging from designer leather sofas to cheap sofa beds. With so many options, the task of shopping for a new leather sofa can seem like a daunting task, so how do you choose one leather sofa company over another? Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

High Street or Online

In recent years the number of online furniture sellers has exploded! The benefits of selling purely over the web such as low overheads and the ability to reach out to a much bigger marketplace is very attractive to companies, this has resulted in some amazing deals and widely available cheap furniture. The downside if you buy sofas online is that in many cases it is not possible to see the sofas ‘in the flesh’ before committing to buy, for this reason many people prefer to buy from a high street furniture store, however expect higher prices to cover the higher overheads associated with running a big high street store.

Buying sofas direct

Its is possible in some cases to buy leather sofas direct from a furniture warehouse or wholesale furniture supplier without a trade account, many sellers will open their doors to the public offering great savings on leather and fabric sofas which you would normally only find on the high street. Such places will not be advertised as widely as usual sofa shops, look in local newspapers and online to try and find such places.

Buying second hand furniture

You can get some great deals buying used furniture from places such as ebay or from a second hand furniture outlet on the high street. It seems people these days tend to change their interiors more often to keep up with changing trends and styles, meaning that it is possible to buy almost new designer furniture at a fraction of the price if you were to buy it for new. It is always advisable to view the settees for sale before purchasing so that their condition can be carefully checked.

With these few pointers to bear in mind you should be able to choose the right outlet from which to buy your new leather sofa and get yourself the best deal.



Disposing of Your Old Leather Sofas

Buying new leather sofas is an exciting new investment for your home that in most cases takes a fair amount of planning and shopping around. One factor many people forget about or leave until the last moment is what to do with your old settees? Being such big and bulky items it is not easy to dispose of your old furniture, here are a few ideas which you may not have thought of.

Collection of sofas by your local council

Most local councils offer an old furniture or sofa removal service for either a small charge or in some cases free. Your old sofas will either be re-used or disposed of depending upon their condition.

Online auction sites

With many people these days changing their interior and furniture on a more regular basis, the market for second hand furniture includes many items that may not have had a great deal of use, such items can be sold on online auction sites such as ebay or classified sites such as Gumtree meaning that you can reclaim some money back to put towards your new leather sofas.

Leather sofa companies

Although a sofa shop may not openly advertise a removal of old sofas service many furniture shops will be happy to do so for a small charge so it is always worth asking at the point of sale, this will also mean that you will have the use of your old sofas up until the moment that your new couches arrive.

Local charities

Local charities are always looking for old furniture and will often offer a free collection service. Old furniture is then either sold on in charity shops or donated to people who may be struggling to furnish their homes. Charities seeking second hand furniture will advertise on the internet and local papers. If you are concerned about the possibility of your sofas ending up in land fill and want to help others, this could be the perfect option for you and your old leather sofas.

Recycling leather settees

Recycling is another ethical option when it comes to disposing of your old leather suite. Companies will strip down your sofas and extract the raw materials for resale and reuse, the wooden or metal frame, springs and coverings can be sold on in bulk as a commodity, this is a fairly new concept, expect to pay either a small charge for removal.

With all of these options available you should have no problem finding a suitable way of disposing of your old leather sofas.



Buying a Modern Leather Sofa

A modern leather sofa may be the perfect item of furniture to bring your interior bang up to date with the latest trends. In most cases a sofa will form the centrepiece of your living space and thus heavily influence the rest of your décor. If you are starting from scratch a leather sofa can be a good starting point when planning the rest of your room and help your choices when it comes to soft furnishings and other items of furniture. So what is in fashion at the moment and what constitutes a modern leather sofa?

Clean simple lines

One of the most popular characteristics of a modern leather sofa is clean simple lines. More recent designs seem to have moved away from plush heavily cushioned sofas to those of a more simple design. Square arms and angular features provide that modern look that many people nowadays strive towards.

Chrome feet

Chrome feet or legs are another feature that can be found on many modern sofa designs, providing a sleek and stylish polished finished, you can even swap your existing wooden feet with a set of chrome or metal legs to instantly add a modern twist to your existing leather suite.

Vibrant sofa colours

Bright daring colours is another look that is bang up to date with current trends, with many different colours to choose from other than the traditional black brown and cream leather. Looking at interior design magazines is a great way to get ideas about creating the perfect modern look

Corner Sofas

Corner sofas are extremely popular at the moment offering a functional and stylish design solution for the modern home. Leather corner sofas are a great alternative to a traditional two or three piece suite and are also available in a modular sofa format whereby different sections can be added or removed to create a sofa that fits perfectly into the room of your choice.

Other features

Sofa deigns and features have really moved forward in recent years with some really clever thought out designs and stylish variations on offer. Some modern day sofas feature integrated drinks tables, built in lighting and even music docking stations and sound systems, meaning that technology seems to be playing a huge part in the development of the modern leather sofa.

With these various components and trends you to can achieve the modern look, if you are struggling for inspiration it is often wise to turn to interior magazines to see which designs are popular and which accessories and other furnishings can be used to create the perfect interior to sit alongside your modern leather sofa.

Finding the Best Leather Sofas for Sale

With so many different outlets offering wide ranges of leather sofas for sale, it can become a little confusing when trying to choose one seller over another or choose between two similar models. Trawling online stores and high street shops can be very time consuming and a little daunting with so many options and styles to choose from. Here are a few things to look for when shopping for new leather sofas.

 Recommendations and reviews

There are some really good, high quality sofas available at very reasonable prices, however there are also sofas that may not be made so well. Reading customer reviews and also obtaining recommendations from friends and family is a great way to pick the good from the bad in terms of sofa retailers and make sure you choose a reputable seller. Along with recommendations in respect of the sofas themselves it is also worth bearing in mind what kind of service is offered both at the point of sale and in terms of after sales. This is where one seller may stand out above others. At the point of sale it is important to have a sales representative who is very knowledgeable and can pass on quality advice to assist you in choosing the correct suite. When considering after sales services the main thing to look for is any warranties that may be offered along with policies in respect of returns and damages.

 Shopping around for leather sofas

Don’t rush! It is worth visiting a range of different outlets whether they be on the high street or online. Online outlets such as ebay and amazon are also great places to look for deals on sofas for sale. By shopping around you will be able to appreciate the main differences and traits in leather sofas for sale, this will ensure you will be able to pick a leather sofa that is right for you and your furnishing needs and dismiss any models which may be for whatever reason unsuitable.

 Try sofas before you buy

Wherever possible it is always advisable to try any sofas out before you buy. This can be tricky if you buy sofas online, this is a disadvantage for online sofa sellers, however many will offer either showroom facilities or even try before you buy services where the sofas are brought into the customers home and unpacked, if the sofas are then unsuitable a small fee will be retained to cover the cost of the delivery / return of the sofas.

Its natural for customers to want the best sofas for their budget so with a little time and consideration given to these few hints and tips you should be able to find the best leather sofas for sale and not pay through the roof.



How to Compare the Quality of Leather Sofas

With so much choice and so many different outlets both online and on the high street it can be daunting when shopping for a new leather sofa. You will obviously want your sofas to last for years to come so right at the top of your list of things to look for will be quality and durability. It can be difficult to make comparisons between the quality of two similar leather suites when the majority of the components are internal and therefore cannot be seen. Here are a few hints and tips to determine the differences in quality between one leather sofa and another.

Familiarise yourself with the different components and types of leather that are used in the manufacture of leather suites, this way you can know exactly what to look for and also get a good idea of the features that you can expect for your price bracket. As a minimum, pocket sprung seats and a kiln dried hard wood frame will offer a sturdy base and a durable seat that will stand the test of time. Make yourself a mental checklist and ask the salesperson whether any potential sofas have these features.

 Recommendations fo leather sofas

Look for a reputable store by reading customer reviews and testimonials or ask family and friends if they know of a suitable outlet that they can recommend.

Types of leather used in leather sofas

Decide whether you would like a full leather sofa or a leather / leather match suite. The latter is a sofa which has an imitation leather to the side and back panels and a genuine leather to the wearing surfaces, this usually comprises of the seat cushions, back cushions and arms. This is in most ways a cost saving exercise, although vinyl does not wear as hard as leather this is usually not a problem as it is used on areas that do not get wear and tear.

Take a good look at the sofa paying particular attention to the stitching and upholstery, neat and uniform stitch lines with no evident loose ends or fraying are a good sign that the sofa has been made or finished well. Seat cushions will in most cases be foam filled, the higher the density of the foam the longer they are likely to last and the more supportive they are.

 Should you compare leather sofas by price?

Price is definitely not a good indicator of quality so opting for the most expensive leather suite will not necessarily mean it is of a high quality, some retailers add huge mark-ups to lower quality suites whereby other sellers sell quality leather sofas in high volumes with very little mark up at bargain prices.

Enquire as to whether the leather sofas come with a manufacturers or suppliers warranty, a company who offers a warranty on their goods will be confident that they are built to last, the longer the warranty the greater the likelihood is that the sofas are built to last.

Arm yourself with knowledge and you should be able to confidently buy quality leather sofas.

Leather Sofas: A Basic Buying Guide

With more choice than ever on both the high street and online choosing new leather sofas can sometimes seem like a daunting task. There are hundreds of different styles, materials and features to consider. For most people buying leather sofas is a major purchase that will last many years so making the right choice is crucial.

Type of leather

There are many types of leather used to upholster leather sofas. More expensive or higher end leather sofas generally have a softer finish and are covered with genuine leather all over the sofa. Less expensive sofas may use a leather match or ‘faux leather’ to the side and back panels with a genuine leather to all the wearing surfaces, these include the seat cushions back cushions and arms. The leather match on the non-wearing parts is designed to look exactly the same as the leather used elsewhere, hence the name. Leather match is an exact colour match and imprinted with an identical grain to the genuine leather, however it is partly PU based.

Seating on Leather Sofas

All leather sofas can look the part but if they are not comfortable then you may end up with a sofa you don’t want to sit on. Most leather sofas have some sort of sprung suspension, this can consist of pocket springs or serpentine springs. The seating on lower end sofas is usually just foam filled, this set up tends to have a shorter life span. Sprung seats offer greater support and have the ability to spring back to their original shape, serpentine springs run parallel across the seat and have a zig-zag appearance. Pocket springs sit vertically in the seat. A pocket sprung leather sofa has a layer of coiled springs each sitting in its own fabric pocket, this type of seat when topped with a high density foam offers the best in comfort support and durability.

Fixed vs reclining leather sofas

The choice between fixed and reclining leather sofas is mostly down to personal choice. Reclining sofas tend to have a much higher back and will feature either a manual or electric powered mechanism. Recliners can offer adjustable comfort from an upright position to an almost horizontal recline.  Recliners are usually quite a bit bulkier tan your standard fixed sofa

Removable vs fixed cushions

Leather sofas can come with a variety of options in terms of their cushions, some sofas will have fixed seat and back cushions or fixed seat and removable back cushions. Removable cushions can be either loose or are often held securely in place with a zip or velcro, either way it is worth testing the sofas out to ensure that the cushions are secure enough that they won’t slip when sitting on the leather sofas.

Corner Sofas

Leather corner sofas are growing in popularity and are a great solution when space is limited, these can either have a chaise longue section or an arm on each end. These leather sofas can also come in a modular form whereby the customer can add extra pieces or seats to create the ideal size and shape of sofa.