Decorating ideas for brown leather sofas

Brown leather sofas will instantly add warmth to a room and are available in many different shades, tones and finishes making them a versatile piece of furniture that would be suitable for almost every home. A brown leather suite alone won’t create the perfect interior instead it is the combined effect of all the aspects of a room that will make a room complete. With infinite options in terms of other items of furniture, wall colourings / coverings, soft furnishings and accessories it can be difficult to achieve ‘the look’. Below are a few decorating and interior design tips that can be used as a basic guide when brown leather sofas are used in a room.

Sofa cushions

Cushions are an affordable and easy way to add a splash of colour to your interior as well as draw attention to your prized leather sofa. Try using different textures such as cotton and velvet to give a different dimension to your brown leather sofas.

Carpets and rugs

A lighter coloured carpet will help make your sofas stand out. Darker coloured carpets alongside a dark brown leather sofa can overpower a room giving a heavy presence. Again try and play with different textures, a lighter coloured, textured carpet will go well with the smooth finish of a leather sofa. If you have a wooden or tiled floor in your lounge a rug in a similar style can also create the same effect as well as giving a more cosy and warm feel.

Wall coverings / colours

A lighter wall colour will soften a room’s atmosphere. Darkly coloured sofas can feel a bit masculine, this can be countered by adding a softer tone to the wall with either a cream or ivory paint or a wallpaper using a similar palette. Lighter coloured walls will create a lighter more airy feel to an interior and again give focus to your contrasting brown leather sofa. You can always grab paint tester pots and off-cuts of different wallpapers to ensure you get the right match.

Other items of furniture

You need to decide whether you furnish the room with items that are a similar shade of brown or contrasting colours. By using different colours you can add different points of interest, moving away from a uniform appearance. If you are intending on buying a brown leather suite to match your existing interior then its always a good idea to obtain a swatch or material sample to ensure that the sofas are the exact shade and finish that you require.

With so many different furnishing and interior design options available you can really put your own stamp on your interior making it an extension of your personality and style. Have a look online at images of similar room settings, taking the best aspects from each. Buy your brown leather sofas with confidence and have fun creating your perfect interior.

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