Getting Value For Money With Cheap Sofas

It’s always tempting to purchase cheap sofas when the price seems irresistible. Cheap leather sofas especially can vary by hundreds of pounds from store to store but how would you know whether what you’re purchasing is still value for money? In the same way, spending thousands of pounds on a sofa can be a risk as the sofa may not be good value for money.

Spend five minutes out in your local town and you’ll see cheap corner sofas for sale in any high street furniture outlet. Cheap settees and sofas are easy to come by and nearly every store these days runs a sofa sale once or twice a year.

Price reductions on cheap sofas

When visiting the high street for cheap sofas look out for genuine price reductions. All previous selling prices should have been active for at least 28 consecutive days so it may be worth keeping an eye on more expensive sofas which you suspect may be added to an upcoming sale. This way you know the price reduction is true and the sofa used to be sold at the higher price.

How to spot value for money sofas

There are a few signs which show you’re getting a good cheap sofa for the money you’re spending. One of these is the frame. Although it’s difficult to actually see the sofa frame underneath the covering whether it is a fabric of leather sofa, The weight of the sofa will show what kind of material it is made from. Good quality sofas will be made using solid wood and not lower quality woods such as ply wood or MDF. Although MDF can be heavy in weight and may give the effect of being a quality frame, MDF doesn’t have the flexibility of natural wood.

Another way in which you can see if a cheap sofa you’re looking to purchase is good value is the comfort factor. Low end sofas will have detachable seating which are foam filled and rest upon a simple spring system. Many cheap sofas will have only elastic strapping for suspension which offers little benefit to the overall comfort.

Higher end sofas may still have a foam seat but will include a better form of spring system and may include serpentine springs underneath the seating. Serpentine springs are in the shape of zigzags or as the name suggests, a serpent with wave like metal bars which flex easily creating suspension.

Pocket sprung sofas are not just high end

Other higher end sofas will include a pocket sprung seating space much like a good quality mattress. With pocket sprung over open coil, each spring in wrapped in it’s own cotton pocket and then packed tightly together creating a unit which is then sandwiched between layers of foam. Pocket sprung sofas allow for a springy sofa seat which will not sag over time.