How to Care For a Cream Leather Suite

A cream leather suite can add a touch of luxury and elegance to any interior. A cream leather sofas clean lines and light appearance can make a room feel more spacious when compared to a darker black or brown leather sofa which in some cases can overpower a room. The only disadvantage of a cream sofa is the fact that they can be a little more difficult to keep clean and care for. Any marks or stains will show up much more easily on a lighter coloured sofa. Cream sofas aren’t for everybody, if you have children and pets or the sofas are likely to get heavy use then a darker colour may be more suitable. If you do choose a cream leather suite there are a few steps which you can take to ensure they stay looking their very best.

 Protect your cream leather suite

There are many products available which are designed to help protect your sofas, these are available in high street stores and in most cases at the point of sale. Moisturising creams and cleaners can be applied which add a layer of protection and help prevent spillages seeping into the leather, they will also ensure that the leather remains soft and supple. Use these solutions in accordance with manufacturers guidelines, mot require regular applications for the sofas to be protected to their full extent.

 Deal with any spillages quickly

If you do happen to spill a drink, food or any other substances on your cream leather suite, try your best to deal with it as quickly as possible, this will help prevent any stains / liquids seeping past the surface of the leather, if this happens any stains and marks will be much more difficult to treat. Carefully blot any surface liquid with paper towel or a soft cloth instead of wiping which can push the stain further into the leather.

 Use a throw on your leather sofas

A throw is a great way to protect your sofas, however most people will want to show off their prized sofas. If you do have pets a throw can protect your sofas against cat and dog claws and also pet hair.

 Be careful

This is an obvious one but try to avoid using any sharp items such as scissors and knives when sat on your cream leather sofas and be cautious with any items which could stain or mark the sofas such as marker pens and other substances that are liable to stain. Be aware that dark coloured denim jeans can stain cream leather sofas, especially when they are new and unwashed.

With these few common sense tips you can help keep your sofas looking new for longer and help prevent any stains and marks. Care for your sofas and you should be able to enjoy your cream leather suite for years to come.