How to Compare the Quality of Leather Sofas

With so much choice and so many different outlets both online and on the high street it can be daunting when shopping for a new leather sofa. You will obviously want your sofas to last for years to come so right at the top of your list of things to look for will be quality and durability. It can be difficult to make comparisons between the quality of two similar leather suites when the majority of the components are internal and therefore cannot be seen. Here are a few hints and tips to determine the differences in quality between one leather sofa and another.

Familiarise yourself with the different components and types of leather that are used in the manufacture of leather suites, this way you can know exactly what to look for and also get a good idea of the features that you can expect for your price bracket. As a minimum, pocket sprung seats and a kiln dried hard wood frame will offer a sturdy base and a durable seat that will stand the test of time. Make yourself a mental checklist and ask the salesperson whether any potential sofas have these features.

 Recommendations fo leather sofas

Look for a reputable store by reading customer reviews and testimonials or ask family and friends if they know of a suitable outlet that they can recommend.

Types of leather used in leather sofas

Decide whether you would like a full leather sofa or a leather / leather match suite. The latter is a sofa which has an imitation leather to the side and back panels and a genuine leather to the wearing surfaces, this usually comprises of the seat cushions, back cushions and arms. This is in most ways a cost saving exercise, although vinyl does not wear as hard as leather this is usually not a problem as it is used on areas that do not get wear and tear.

Take a good look at the sofa paying particular attention to the stitching and upholstery, neat and uniform stitch lines with no evident loose ends or fraying are a good sign that the sofa has been made or finished well. Seat cushions will in most cases be foam filled, the higher the density of the foam the longer they are likely to last and the more supportive they are.

 Should you compare leather sofas by price?

Price is definitely not a good indicator of quality so opting for the most expensive leather suite will not necessarily mean it is of a high quality, some retailers add huge mark-ups to lower quality suites whereby other sellers sell quality leather sofas in high volumes with very little mark up at bargain prices.

Enquire as to whether the leather sofas come with a manufacturers or suppliers warranty, a company who offers a warranty on their goods will be confident that they are built to last, the longer the warranty the greater the likelihood is that the sofas are built to last.

Arm yourself with knowledge and you should be able to confidently buy quality leather sofas.