Ottoman Footstools: The Perfect Addition?

Ottoman storage footstools or ottoman footrests are versatile pieces of furniture that make an excellent addition to any living space. Unlike a traditional footstool, an ottoman also has the added feature of a storage compartment where you can securely store items such as books, magazines and TV remotes resulting in a clutter free room. The lid to an ottoman footstool can lift or slide off or be hinged.

Along with putting your feet up and relaxing a footstool can also be used as an additional seat and even as an occasional table making them a flexible and in most cases an affordable piece of furniture perfect for any living space.

 Finding the right Ottoman footstool

There are a few considerations that need to be thought through before purchasing a new ottoman footstool.

 Do I have enough space?

Ottoman footstools come in all shapes and sizes but it worth measuring up before committing to buy to ensure sufficient space is available. The last thing you want is to be tripping over your new footstool or for your room to look overcrowded.

 Will my new ottoman footstool match my existing furniture?

You really have two options in terms of choosing a suitable colour or pattern for you new ottoman footstool. The first is to match it exactly, a footstool that is a shade darker or lighter than your existing sofas will look out of place so an exact match is crucial, for this reason buying your ottoman from the same source is a good idea. Failing this otaining a swatch sample from a seller is a good way to ensure you get the colour and tone spot on. The second option is to choose a contrasting colour or pattern so that it looks like you haven’t tried to match the item without success.

 How do I choose the right size?

Along with making sure the item fits in your room of choice it is also important to consider the height of the ottoman footstool, by buying a footstool that is the same height as the sofa a chaise longue or corner sofa effect can be created. If you plan to store specific items in the ottoman storage section it is also worth ascertaining the internal dimensions to ensure whatever it is you plan to store inside also fits.

 How do I clean & care for my footstool

As with all furniture, always follow any manufacturers guidelines for cleaning and care and avoid any harsh chemicals and industrial cleaning products. Specialist fabric and leather cleaning kits are widely available and well worth the investment. If you are at all unsure it is good practice to try cleaning a small inconspicuous area first before cleaning the whole item.

With all of these considerations in mind and by shopping around (online and high street) purchasing the right ottoman footstool at the right price can be easily achieved.