Red Leather Sofas: A Bold Statement

Red leather sofas are becoming a popular furniture choice for those wanting to make a bold statement. When executed in the right way and matched with suitable accessories and furnishings a red leather suite can add vibrancy and interest to an otherwise bland living space.  With many different tones and shades of red, the chances are there is a red leather sofa available to suit your property, whether it be an ox blood red Chesterfield sofa for a country residence or a bright ‘pillar box’ red corner sofa for a stylish city apartment.

 A few considerations when purchasing a new red leather sofa:

 Where to source your new red leather sofas

Nowadays more than ever consumers have a massive choice when it comes to buying furniture both online and on the high street, with no exception to red leather sofas. In most cases it is advisable to sit on and try out your new sofas before committing to buy if this opportunity is available. The variance in comfort in terms of the firmness and support of a seat can be huge between two very similar looking sofas so doing so can avoid disappointment and problems along the line. Prices can be cheaper online with lots of red leather sofa sales available so it is a good idea where possible to try the sofas out on the high street and buy online.

 Making sure you purchase the right colour

With so many different shades and tones of red available it is important you choose the right one especially if you are matching your new red leather sofa with existing furniture, accessories and interiors. Many shops will offer a swatch service whereby a sample of the leather can be provided which you can take home and compare with your items in your room of choice. Making a judgement from a website or even in a shop can be risky as the lighting in the photograph or shop may be very different to that in your home. If a swatch service is available, use it.

 Will the sofas fit?

Making sure the sofas not only physically fit into the room but also that when they do that they do not look too big and bulky and ensuring that there is sufficient space left in the room so that you can easily move around is crucial.  Obtaining the minimum door width required for the sofas to fit through from a sales person is a good idea and therefore measuring doorways and access points is good practice. Making comparisons to your existing sofas can give a good indication as to how the sofas will sit in the room.

If you have been considering a safer choice in terms of colour for your new sofas (maybe black or brown) why not be brave and go for it with a red leather suite, get it right and you can achieve an interior that oozes style and sophistication and adds instant brightness to your room. Expand your search and start looking for red leather sofas today!