Black Leather Sofas – A Great Choice for All the Family

We all love to have black leather sofas in our homes but with so much choice on the market how do you choose the correct model? A great option are black leather sofas, whether it’s as a recliner or fixed model they are easy to care for and clean as well as being very durable and pleasing on the eye. Unlike cream leather, black sofas will not show minor marks and scuffs and in many cases will stay looking new for longer.

The classic black leather sofa is a lot more than just a practical piece of furniture; it is a statement and an elegant yet versatile addition to any space. A leather sofa can be easily integrated into any living space. Interiors can be instantly altered with a centrepiece leather sofa or maybe a stylish corner suite. 2-seater and 3-seater sofas are perfect for both intimate and expansive spaces; whether for a lounge, study or other space.

A leather suite is an integral part of the home that not only needs to look nice but also needs to be functional and comfortable. A home without sofas will be incomplete. Leather sofas have always attracted people; a lot of people crave for sofas that are upholstered in leather. If you a planning on buying a new leather suite

Choosing black leather sofas is quite a safe bet when taking your interior into account, black sofas will match most living rooms well whereas buying a brown leather sofa or other colour may result in a mismatch with other tones and hues you have in the room. If you a planning on buying a new leather suite you can’t really go wrong with black. See our guide on purchasing a 2 seater black leather sofa here

Many internet retailers and high street stores have black leather sofas for sale at very reasonable prices along with a huge range of styles and finishes, if you shop around you can get a great deal and most importantly a sofa or sofas that suit your family and home.

When investing in a stylish black leather sofa, you will be purchasing a piece of furniture that can last a lifetime. Whether it is a contemporary suite or a traditional model such as a Chesterfield, a quality black leather sofa can pass down through generations if given just a little love and attention.


Leather Sofas: A Basic Buying Guide

With more choice than ever on both the high street and online choosing new leather sofas can sometimes seem like a daunting task. There are hundreds of different styles, materials and features to consider. For most people buying leather sofas is a major purchase that will last many years so making the right choice is crucial.

Type of leather

There are many types of leather used to upholster leather sofas. More expensive or higher end leather sofas generally have a softer finish and are covered with genuine leather all over the sofa. Less expensive sofas may use a leather match or ‘faux leather’ to the side and back panels with a genuine leather to all the wearing surfaces, these include the seat cushions back cushions and arms. The leather match on the non-wearing parts is designed to look exactly the same as the leather used elsewhere, hence the name. Leather match is an exact colour match and imprinted with an identical grain to the genuine leather, however it is partly PU based.

Seating on Leather Sofas

All leather sofas can look the part but if they are not comfortable then you may end up with a sofa you don’t want to sit on. Most leather sofas have some sort of sprung suspension, this can consist of pocket springs or serpentine springs. The seating on lower end sofas is usually just foam filled, this set up tends to have a shorter life span. Sprung seats offer greater support and have the ability to spring back to their original shape, serpentine springs run parallel across the seat and have a zig-zag appearance. Pocket springs sit vertically in the seat. A pocket sprung leather sofa has a layer of coiled springs each sitting in its own fabric pocket, this type of seat when topped with a high density foam offers the best in comfort support and durability.

Fixed vs reclining leather sofas

The choice between fixed and reclining leather sofas is mostly down to personal choice. Reclining sofas tend to have a much higher back and will feature either a manual or electric powered mechanism. Recliners can offer adjustable comfort from an upright position to an almost horizontal recline.  Recliners are usually quite a bit bulkier tan your standard fixed sofa

Removable vs fixed cushions

Leather sofas can come with a variety of options in terms of their cushions, some sofas will have fixed seat and back cushions or fixed seat and removable back cushions. Removable cushions can be either loose or are often held securely in place with a zip or velcro, either way it is worth testing the sofas out to ensure that the cushions are secure enough that they won’t slip when sitting on the leather sofas.

Corner Sofas

Leather corner sofas are growing in popularity and are a great solution when space is limited, these can either have a chaise longue section or an arm on each end. These leather sofas can also come in a modular form whereby the customer can add extra pieces or seats to create the ideal size and shape of sofa.

Buying cheap leather sofas

The cost of cheap leather sofas in recent years has fell and it is now possible to buy cheap leather sofas from a variety of outlets whilst not compromising on quality and style. The importation of cheap leather sofas from the Far East and more recently Eastern Europe has made buying leather sofas more affordable and brought a wider range of choice to the market, this factor along with new methods of construction and cheaper types of leather means great savings can be had. Below are a few factors to consider when buying a cheap leather sofa.

Internet versus High Street

Internet retailers are often able to offer better deals on cheap leather sofas as opposed to high street stores. Running a large high street store can result in huge overheads which the retailer will have to account for, usually in the price of the sofa! Internet firms with smaller overheads are able to pass these savings onto the customer however it may not be possible to view or try the sofas out before buying so it really is a trade-off between price and viewing the sofas beforehand.

Full leather versus leather / leather match

Many cheap leather sofas are made using a method of upholstery known as leather / leather match. A leather hide is used for the wearing surfaces, this usually comprises of the seat cushions back cushions and arms and a leather match or imitation leather is used to the non-wearing surfaces. This results in a high quality suite with the look of a full leather sofa but at a reduced price due to the saving in materials. As its name suggests leather match can look identical to the leather used elsewhere in terms of colour and grain but is usually PU based.

Build quality

If you are looking at buying cheap leather sofas but are concerned about build quality, there are a few features you should look for as a minimum in terms of specification.

Frame – Ideally this should be a hardwood frame that is both glued and screwed for extra strength and durability

Suspension – For the best in both comfort and durability pocket sprung seats are top of the list. Pocket sprung seats have vertical springs in individual pockets across the whole seat, this type of seating ensures the seat will spring back to its original shape. Second to pocket springs are serpentine springs these are zigzag shaped springs that run across the seat. A sprung seat should then be topped with high density foam. Low end sofas will often not have any suspension and feature a foam filled seat, these will not last as long as sprung cheap leather sofas.

With this information in mind it is possible to source good quality cheap leather sofas at a great price that will last you for years to come.

Disposing of Your Old Leather Sofas

Buying new leather sofas is an exciting new investment for your home that in most cases takes a fair amount of planning and shopping around. One factor many people forget about or leave until the last moment is what to do with your old settees? Being such big and bulky items it is not easy to dispose of your old furniture, here are a few ideas which you may not have thought of.

Collection of sofas by your local council

Most local councils offer an old furniture or sofa removal service for either a small charge or in some cases free. Your old sofas will either be re-used or disposed of depending upon their condition.

Online auction sites

With many people these days changing their interior and furniture on a more regular basis, the market for second hand furniture includes many items that may not have had a great deal of use, such items can be sold on online auction sites such as ebay or classified sites such as Gumtree meaning that you can reclaim some money back to put towards your new leather sofas.

Leather sofa companies

Although a sofa shop may not openly advertise a removal of old sofas service many furniture shops will be happy to do so for a small charge so it is always worth asking at the point of sale, this will also mean that you will have the use of your old sofas up until the moment that your new couches arrive.

Local charities

Local charities are always looking for old furniture and will often offer a free collection service. Old furniture is then either sold on in charity shops or donated to people who may be struggling to furnish their homes. Charities seeking second hand furniture will advertise on the internet and local papers. If you are concerned about the possibility of your sofas ending up in land fill and want to help others, this could be the perfect option for you and your old leather sofas.

Recycling leather settees

Recycling is another ethical option when it comes to disposing of your old leather suite. Companies will strip down your sofas and extract the raw materials for resale and reuse, the wooden or metal frame, springs and coverings can be sold on in bulk as a commodity, this is a fairly new concept, expect to pay either a small charge for removal.

With all of these options available you should have no problem finding a suitable way of disposing of your old leather sofas.